A Foggy Focus

I am not certain, but I think it is safe to say opportunities and obligations become blurred when our expectations are left unmet.

I believe this can lead to a loss of focus which is real and universal.

Throughout God’s Word we see examples of people whose focus became foggy. Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon all had moments where they appeared to have lost sight of where their focus belonged.

In Jesus’ day, the Pharisees, Sadducees, priest and teachers of the law all demonstrated how foggy their focus had become when after spending a lifetime studying the Law and preparing for the coming Messiah they failed to recognize Him when He was standing right in front of them.

If people like these can lose focus, is it unreasonable to believe it can happen to us?

Remembering why we do what we do can help us maintain a clearer focus. Yet even as we try, the lines between what we are doing and what we want to do can become blurred.

I am not sure how to prevent this loss of focus, but I am sure we must be aware of it if we are going to recognize when we need to redirect our focus.

Although a foggy focus is real and inevitable; if we re-focus our hearts and minds on Jesus, the fog will lift and give way to the clear and beautiful purpose for which we have been called.  

When we remember who we are serving, the why becomes much clearer and easier to see.

Romans 8:28, “We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose”.