Live, Laugh, Love

Have I become so busy doing whatever it is I do, that I have forgotten to live? I think the question is one that we all may need to ponder. Living is so much more than working or even serving. Living is when we take the time to enjoy the life we have been given. Roy lived his life well.

As I shared at his funeral, he was the friend I laughed with. When we talked, which unfortunately for me was not as often as it used to be, we laughed a lot. We would laugh about football and hunting or at what was going on in our world at the time. I never realized it, but Roy showed me how to laugh.

As was apparent at his funeral, he was loved. I truly believe it was because he made everyone around feel him loved. You believed you were important to Roy, because you were.

I believe the Lord places people in our life to give life purpose and meaning. We can take something away from almost every relationship we have.

Though the laughter we shared has ended, the memories remain.

Life is uncertain and today could be our last, but for me one thing is sure. Roy Taplin taught me to LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE and for that I am forever grateful. He set a high bar and I am going to do my best to model what I learned from him.

James 4:14, “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.