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A void exists in our world today, one that is not limited to any race, creed, socioeconomic, political, or positional status. Broken homes, fractured families, low educational achievement, business failures, and ineffective churches and ministries are all the results of this void.

What’s missing is leadership. Specifically, servant leadership. What can be done about it?

First, we must understand that we are each leaders, and we are responsible for leading those who are following. The question then becomes, what kind of leader are we?

We are the sum of our experiences, and we need to realize those experiences have led us to repeat the same habits and make the same mistakes of those we have followed. Our parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, and mentors have all played a role in shaping who we are and how we currently lead those in our sphere of influence.

Regardless of whom we have followed to this point and how that has affected the way we lead, we can become a servant leader by following a model that has not only been proven over time but has transcended every cultural dynamic for the last two thousand years.

That model is the one lived out by Jesus of Nazareth. His servant leadership example is the most effective and transformational model in history and is readily available to us today.
Servant Leadership: Leading Today for a Better Tomorrow was written to impress upon people that no matter who you are or what you do, the model Jesus left to us can teach us to lead in a way that fills the void many of us have faced.  

When we begin to care enough for those who follow us, we can change the trajectory of our world one person at a time. When we do, we will create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Searching for Significance

I find it interesting that searching for significance can be so different for each of us. Some seek their significance in wealth and position. Others in their appearance or in who they know. Regardless, every search for significance is generally lifelong and heartfelt. Why?

The Fallacy of Freedom

There is a universal truth that exist for all mankind. We all have a yearning to be free. We long to be free to choose, free to be and free to do as we please. The fallacy of freedom is believing if we had those things, we would be free.

A Foggy Focus

There are many things that seem to consume my mind and cloud my thoughts. As a result, I find I can have a foggy focus and a longing for clarity. Yet, I will continue to push forward knowing at times I may have lost my reason for doing so. What causes this?

A Conditionally Unconditional Love

The true nature of human love is in stark contrast to the nature of God’s love. Human love is conditional, it is given when conditions are believed to warrant it. God’s love on the other hand, is unconditional regardless of our condition. If we are honest, we all know this is true.

It's Safer in the Boat

In the story where Jesus is walking on the water, I have often wondered why the others in the boat with Peter didn’t ask for Jesus to tell them to come to Him too. Perhaps they were afraid or unwilling; or maybe they felt it was safer in the boat.

Certainty of Uncertainty

Feelings of uncertainty can be real and if we are not careful, they can overwhelm us. Yet we can be certain we will all struggle with uncertainty. Some, more often than others. Regardless, we can all be certain feelings of uncertainty are just around the corner. They will manifest themselves in the decisions we face and in the situations in which we find ourselves.

The Power of Humility

I have always been amazed at the strength Jesus demonstrated as He stood before both His accusers and those who would carry out His execution. It was His humility in the face of overwhelming odds that enraged and confused everyone involved. As He was arrested, accused and tried, He offered no defense.

Finding Focus

Finding focus has always been a very difficult thing for me. I am constantly thinking and planning for what comes next. Though this has led me to achieve at a high level, I am certain this lack of focus has had a limiting effect on my relationships with God and others. To truly find focus, we must learn to focus on God.

Live, Laugh, Love

This past week I lost a dear friend. His name was Roy Taplin, he was 64 years old and he died suddenly of a heart attack. On Saturday, we went to his funeral service and it was there I realized my friend had lived, laughed and loved his entire life. Everyone that spoke about him echoed the same sentiment. It has given reason to pause and reevaluate my life.

John Wallace Whitehead

John Wallace Whitehead has long seen the need for a leader worth following. He believes, he might have avoided the pitfalls and trials in his early life had he been shown a better way. His life has since transformed from dysfunction and self-absorption to one of longing and introspection, and he now desires to share what he has learned and help others find a better way.

John believes that leaders who are dedicated to seeing those in their spheres of influence achieve all they are capable of will make the entire world a better place, one person at a time.

For the past thirty years, John and his wife, Bonnie, have owned and managed JW Companies, specializing in fire sprinkler service and inspections, fire & security systems, and design services. JW Companies is located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

John recently resigned as the chairman of the board of trustees at Trinity College of Florida in the Newport Richey area, where he served for the past thirteen years. Since 2006, John has served as an interim pastor in the Palm Beach County area, and he is currently an associate pastor at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens.

John’s first book, Where Is God in His Church?, was published in 2011 by WestBow Press.

John and his wife, Bonnie, have been married for thirty-eight years and have known each other since they were fourteen years old. The couple has two adult children, Lindsay and John P., and two grandsons, Ryder, age ten, and Easton, age seven. John and Bonnie live in West Palm Beach.


The effect of Jesus’s influence on our world cannot be denied, as His impact has grown from twelve to more than two billion followers today.

Leadership in every context requires a willingness to serve others rather than a need to be served by others.

Trust requires faith and faith leads to following. People follow people first, and they must trust you before they will follow you.

Praying for God to do what He has called you to do is not leading. Waiting to hear from the Lord is not an excuse for inactivity.

Self-serving leadership will always lead itself to self-aggrandizement, simply because the interest in those leading this way is ultimately for themselves.

Effective leadership reproduces effective leaders and conversely, ineffective leadership produces ineffective leaders.

The lack of good examples of leadership has led our culture to becoming self-centered, self-focused and self-absorbed.

Servant Leaders realize they can be both a catalyst and a diminishing factor in the lives of those around them, and they care enough to be a catalyst.

Servant Leaders love unconditionally, live sacrificially and leave a legacy worth following.

We are all “following someone” and in turn, someone is following us. This makes us all leaders at one level or another

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